It’s Happening Now

It’s Happening Now

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Ever wondered why the Present Tense Continuous keeps giving us a hard time while struggling to understand how a continuous present is in fact vanishing into the thin air of this very moment?

I have.

For instance, why on Earth should I learn English every day instead of learning it now? Oh, maybe because of the completely horrified look on my very British mother-in-law’s face when, at her son’s engagement party, she asked her future daughter-in-law: “Are you enjoying yourself?” and the blushing bride to be replied: “Well, I enjoy myself every day.” No wonder I’m not being married now! That’s for you, girls.

As for the boys, well, if you really want to impress, don’t you ever tell her you live with your parents! Tell her: “Darling, I’m living with my parents for the time being…” She’ll never ask how long your “time being” is as long as it’s continuous and correctly used!