Brașov, natura și limbile străine

Brașov, natura și limbile străine

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Why do we love Brașov? One of the reasons is given by the amazing nature and the beautiful surroundings.

You can wake up in one misty morning and go up on Tampa and enjoy this view.

There is nothing like the sensation of freedom that you feel when seeing the white ocean of clouds which covers and hides the city.

You know that under the clouds everything is grey: the streets, the cars, the houses , the communist architecture blocks, and even the people. But here, on Tampa, only 15 minutes away from the town, you are blinded by the sun and amazed by the infinite blue sky.

(Postavaru Peak - in the back of this foto)

You need less than 10 minutes to feel that nature fills you up with positive thoughts and energy. It's such a perfect start for a new day.

We are glad to have our headquarters in this beautiful town.

* The pictures were made on 19th November 2019 :)