Mărțișorul - în limba engleză

Mărțișorul - în limba engleză

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What's the English word for ”Mărțișor”? Is it possible to translate ”Mărțișor”? Here's what we've discovered smile

This article could be the story of an adventure of knowledge, using all the available online resources that we can find in order to discover more about a word. 

The first step we made was a search on Google and, good news, it seemed that we're lucky, because Google Translate gave us a word: trinket. OK, but what is ... trinket. Could this be the word we search for?

With mixed emotions of hope and fear, we opened the Cambridge Online Dictionary in order to find out more about this mysterious word, but, deep disappointment, the word ”trinket” has a completely different meaning. In fact, there's nothing about trinket that could translate the beauty and the rich meaning of the word "Mărțișor". 

What is "trinket" in fact? Nothing more than something cheap and of low quality, perhaps a "bagatelle" or a kitsch...

So, what could be the English word able to translate what Romanian people see in the beautiful tassels made from black, recently red, and white thin ropes, tassels that they give to each other on March 1st as a gift in order to bring them luck for the rest of the year?

We gave it another try and we did another search on Google. This time, we typed "English word for martisor" and surprise smile we found an article on Wikipedia about ”Mărțișor”. The article is in English (the link to the article is below). We've discovered in this article a lot of interesting information about ”Mărțișor”, in fact everything that one should know about it, except the English word for ”mărțișor”. The word isn't translated,  is in Romanian in the entire article. The author didn't translate the word.

Conclusions? Sometimes is impossible to translate a word from one language to another. Sometimes, we have to use descriptions. Sometimes, one word is an whole world ...