How to end an email with "No"?

How to end an email with "No"?

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Do you work in the human resources department or in the sales department? Or maybe you are...

the manager of your company's acquisition department?

Here are a few useful expressions to end an email when you are about to give bad news...

Sometimes we have to say "no" to one of our business partners or to our colleagues and we don't want to use a brutal or impolite NO. And also, maybe we intend to keep an open door for future collaborations. That's why what we say at the end of our email is important. Be sure that your business partners will pay a lot of attention to this part of your email...

So how can we say No?

A good way is to use expressions like "Unfortunately, ...." and to continue with the reasons for your decision or o express your regret "I'm sorry to say / inform ...".

At the end of the email we recommend you to say something about your intentions for a future collaboration: "I propose to resume our discussion sometimes in the future, ..."

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Source of photo: Business Vocabulary in Use, Second Edition, Bill Mascull