Workshops for Teenagers: Summ(a)rize in the Summer

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All we need is to ... Talk and Listen :)
If you're aged 12 to 14 or 14 to 16 and you love English, here's the password for our English Conversational Club:

Is not Samurai, is not same hurray, no, no, no...
So, what is with this new Club in town?
- you meet other English language fans like you: 4 in one group;
- exchange your ideas about interesting topping and delicious topics;
- do something smart with your free time;
- stay online, but not invisible: in your room, in the park, in the garden, by the sea or the swimming pool :)

Here are some details about the workshops:
- Strengths in the World of Busy and Successful Adults (July 14th & July 16th) - this is our first workshop for this summer;
- Money and Values: "No" to the World (July 21th & July 23th)
- Emoticons or Emotions: what the word are they? (July 28th & July 30th)
- Happy, but offline. So, I'm sorry, what is happiness? (August 4th & August 6th)
- Discover the world of Storytelling (August 11th & August 13th) - this will be our last workshop in this Summer :)

Make us happy :)
Have a look at our price(less) list:

- 35,00 lei / sesiune

Write to us & call us here:
- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
- +(4)0725927282

See you soon :)