Slush - playing and learning new words

Slush - playing and learning new words

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Global warming or not, we should enjoy

the springlike weather.

We let the outside weather inspire us when we had to choose the word of this weekend, so we`ve chosen the word "Slush".

It's a fantastic word and, depending on the context, it has three different meanings:

- melted, dirty snow

- a drink made from crushed ice

- a meaningless language or writing, one that is too emotional or too romantic

So, let's play :) The challenge is to build sentences with this word.

Here are the sentences proposed by one of our students:

1. I hate January slush, in this month we should have only pure and white snow.

2. Slush is my favourite drink in July.

3. He sent me a long letter yesterday. I wanted to read it, but is seemed to be a slush.

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